In 2014 Warrenpoint Port completed the construction of a £3.3million, 20,000 tonnes storage facility.

The grain that comes in to Warrenpoint is sourced from GB, France, Russia, Poland and recently larger vessels from South America and Canada. The destination for the grain is North/South of Ireland and the end use is primarily for Animal Feeds/Food chain.

The major customer with the Port for Grain is Comex McKinnon.  Founded in 1982, Comex McKinnon is a leading Irish cereal importer and exporter.  They believe in giving their trade partners the best market information available, enabling customers to source their raw materials as cheaply as possible.

Comex McKinnon is a member of GAFTA and the Irish Grain and Feed Association (IGFA), trading under Coceral standards.

Please watch our video of Animal feed discharging

Biggest Grain Ship – Vogue Renate March 2016


New Shed 12 Grain Storage 

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