Christmas Covid Fund 2021

This week we announced the total raised from our Christmas Community Fund- £22,062. This has gone directly towards supporting 43 local organisations in our community. We really could not do this without the local and national businesses and individuals who contributed into the Fund. Today we would like to thank every one of them again for helping to make this happen.

Armagh Logistics, Seatruck Ferries, ReGen, Barrett Steel, Cronus Logistics, Forestwood, Barry Haulage, Mourne Shipping, Point Shipping, Comex McKinnon, Nippon Gas, Seaforde Metals, Mannok Holdings, King Communication, King Storage, Mills Selig, Carson McDowell, Tughans, PKM-FPM, Carlingford Lough Commission, Thomas Cunningham. #workingtogether #community #local #onboard #portlife