Concerns and speculation on social media – RDF & SRF

Warrenpoint Port is aware of the concerns and speculation on social media in relation to the RDF (refuse derived fuel) and SRF (solids recovered fuel) currently stored at the site.

RDF and SRF are made from non-organic waste diverted from local landfill sites and used to generate electricity, heat and other forms of energy in place of fossil fuels.

The level of RDF and SRF held on site is tightly controlled by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) and subject to fluctuation. At all times the quantity must be within the prescribed licenced limits and it is subject to routine statutory agency inspection. We carried out a visual site inspection last night and this morning and we are satisfied with the condition.

Warrenpoint Port has however, contacted our tenant Regen to pass on the specific questions we have received in relation to the material and we will respond to these as soon as possible.