Health & Safety InductionS

All employees, contractors and visitors to Warrenpoint Harbour are required to complete a general Induction to the site.

Our online safety induction programme is aimed at ensuring that ALL personnel entering Warrenpoint Port have an understanding of the minimum requirement when either visiting or working on site.

The induction covers important Organisational, Health and Safety, Security and Environmental information, as well as other useful information regarding the Port.

Please work through the induction at your own time and pace, and pay close attention to the information provided. The induction contains a number of assessment questions which you must answer based on the information provided in the induction. You must view the induction in full and answer all the assessment questions.

Once you have viewed the induction in full and completed all assessment questions, Warrenpoint Port will be automatically notified.

An induction must be completed by each individual coming on site, even if more than one person is coming from the same organisation.

Applications for passes are currently free, however due to rising administrative costs this may change and we will notify applicants in due course. If you have lost your existing pass, a fee will be incurred to renew the access. The cost for a replacement pass is £20 which will be payable upon collection of the new pass. The induction pass is valid for 24 months.

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Tips for getting started

After clicking on the link above to start the induction:

  • Induction Type: click the relevant option depending upon whether you are a Haulier, Contractor, Port User or Visitor to the Port
  • Uploading documents:  depending on the reason why you are requiring access you may need to upload risk assessments, safe operating procedures or a permit to work.  Ensure you have this documentation available prior to commencing the induction.

Having completed the induction, all inductees must strictly adhere to the guidance within. Failure to do so will result in the transgressor(s) being asked to leave the site. Repeated non-compliances will result in the transgressor(s) being permanently banned from the site.

Warrenpoint Port currently employs 70 employees including both full-time employees and casual workers. Together with Seatruck Ferries Ltd, our agents and hauliers, more than 200 people work daily in the Harbour complex. The Health and Safety our our team and site users is the primary concern of Warrenpoint Harbour Authority. The Authority continues to reduce accident rates and encourages employees to upskill and improve work practices as part of a planned training programme.

Warrenpoint Port prides itself on providing a safe working environment for employees and visitors alike.  The management and employees constantly strive to promote safety awareness with good teamwork, feedback and a structured safety management system.
A working Port is a challenging environment and constant vigilance and example in safety management is a fundamental part of the operations management function.
Accident rates and environmental controls at Warrenpoint Port are benchmarked against best practice in the industry.  The emergency response plan is continually under review with Newry Mourne and Down District Council, and the emergency services, to ensure that all procedures are co-ordinated and that meaningful practical exercises are undertaken.  Full scale emergency planning exercises are undertaken on a regular basis.