M/V Helle

Warrenpoint Port has been alerted to speculation on social media this evening in relation to the unloading of the M/V Helle. Nippon Gasses has confirmed that there were no issues. The delivery proceeded as normal.

Nippon Gasses spokesperson said, “At the end of the unloading process the hoses connecting the ship to the terminal are de-pressurised by venting to the atmosphere. The cold CO2 contacts the moist air and creates a visible water vapour fog. This is a normal part of the process and occurs when unloading a ship, loading road tankers and with every subsequent delivery by road tanker to our customers. The depressurisation takes a minute or so and is directed via vent silencers that were a condition of the planning approval to avoid any noise nuisance. It does not create a hazard.”

Warrenpoint Port again urges members of the public who have any concerns in relation to the Port to contact us directly via our community engagement email onboard@warrenpointport.com .