Warrenpoint Port : Keeping Economy and Community Moving Through Covid-19

In a statement reflecting on the ongoing public health crisis, Warrenpoint Port CEO David Holmes has said:

“As the second largest port in Northern Ireland, we play a major role as a catalyst for economic growth across the region and the island as a whole.

“That role has rarely been as important than at present as the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are committed to promoting the highest levels of health and safety for our staff and their families, customers, and community while also serving the needs of local businesses that rely on us to facilitate the efficient transit of goods, including many of the essential items so vital to wider society at this time.

“In order to ensure port services continue to operate as normal, we are practicing social distancing throughout the harbour estate while staff have changed their working patterns to ensure fewer are on site at any one time.

“We recognise and appreciate the efforts of all port employees for their assistance and commitment to helping us achieve this.

“Additionally, we have increased the provision of hand sanitisation products across the port and introduced other measures that will limit the risk to employees and other harbour users.

“We are mindful that all of us have a duty to contribute to the fight against coronavirus and are pleased to play our part in keeping Northern Ireland and the island as a whole moving in the weeks and months ahead.”