The Chief Executive of Warrenpoint Port has thanked members of the public for sharing their views on the harbour’s recently launched Masterplan.

A consultation was held into the draft document, which outlines a vision for the sustainable development of the Port over the next 25 years, ensuring it remains a key economic driver for the region.

Clare Guinness, Chief Executive, Warrenpoint Port said:

“When we launched our draft Masterplan, a key part of the consultation process was to hear from our stakeholders about the plans.

“It was a pleasure therefore to welcome more than 100 members of our community to a public exhibition held in Town Dock House. Many had some association with the Port, having worked there over the years, or enjoyed or worked on the Lough or its shores.

“The majority of respondents were supportive of our Masterplan and understood the important role the Port plays in the local economy”

The Masterplan outlines several objectives including upgrading transport links to the Port, improving harbour capacity and facilities, maintaining and growing its customer base and developing improved linkages with Warrenpoint town.

Key priorities to achieve these include the delivery of the Southern Relief Road, the regeneration of the Town Dock and providing open public access to an enhanced Marina, each of which were broadly welcomed by those that responded to the consultation.

However, a thread that ran through the response was a call for the Port to improve communications with the local community.

Clare said:

“As a community, this is our Port, and we can all share in its success. That’s why we are refreshing our communications strategy to ensure that news and information on development projects within the Masterplan are readily available and accessible to the community.

“We have also prepared a full response to some concerns raised during the consultation and published this on our website. We want to be transparent in all our operations.

Clare added:

“Thanks go to all those that took part in the consultation, including local government and business bodies, community groups and our customers.

“We look forward to moving forward together as we share in the aim of making Warrenpoint Port, the Lough and surrounding area, a place we can all rightly be proud of.”

A full report into the Masterplan consultation and the Port’s response is available at https://warrenpointport.com/port/masterplan-progress/


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Notes to editors

  • Warrenpoint Port is the second largest port in Northern Ireland and the fifth biggest on the island of Ireland.
  • Warrenpoint Harbour Authority was created as a Trust Port by legislation in 1971.
  • In 2017, the value of goods moving through Warrenpoint Port was £6.2billion, £164 million of which was direct international trade. The Port handled 3.48 million tonnes

of cargo in 2016 increasing to 3.56 million tonnes in 2017

  • The port employs 67 staff directly, but more than 200 people work at the harbour every day.
  • In addition to serving the markets in Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland, the Port deals with imports and exports from countries and regions across the world including to Spain, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine and the Americas.