Warrenpoint Port Apprenticeship Week

Jack Campbell- Warrenpoint Port Apprenticeship Week

It is National Apprenticeship Week and here at Warrenpoint Port we are delighted to support the annual celebration of apprenticeships. Today’s key theme Wednesday 10th February is #AskAnApprentice and we are delighted to share with you our interview with Jack Campbell.

Jack is an apprentice electrician and is currently in his 2nd year of his apprenticeship. He is being mentored by Micheal White, an electrician who joined us aged 16 as an apprentice himself 13 years ago.

National Apprenticeship Week has three core beliefs and here at Warrenpoint Port we work hard to reflect these. We want to TRAIN people to future proof our workforce. RETAIN people, as apprentices, young people can gain the skills and knowledge our organisation needs; learn the values of our business; and make a lasting impact.

Apprenticeships are key as they allow us to build our future workforce, expand our talent pool and help individuals to ACHIEVE. Our apprentices get to see the business benefits and career progression available and how an apprenticeship can help you transform your future.


We are delighted that Jack took time out of his busy day to have a chat with us about his apprenticeship and working in Warrenpoint Port.

Q: What is your apprenticeship in?

A: I am studying a higher level apprenticeship in Mechatronics, which is a mix of electrical and mechanical engineering and I am currently working alongside the mechanics and electricians in the harbour but mainly the electricians.


Q: How did you chose the Port?

A: So, through my course in Southern Regional College, which is mechatronics, we were told about different workplaces that were providing apprenticeship places.  I sent out my CV to Warrenpoint Port and I was delighted when I got accepted to do the apprenticeship with them.


Q: What does a typical workday involve?

A: We could be doing anything, no two days are really the same, but mainly it is machinery maintenance with regular crane and lighting work. It’s hard to know what we will be doing because there is so much variety.


Q: Had you any prior experience before working with the Port or was this a new opportunity for you?

A: I had worked in different places before but nowhere really with this type of work and experience. I had never worked on big machinery so all that was new to me and a lot of the electrical work I wouldn’t have done before.


Q: How does your apprenticeship work?

A: So, I learn on the job and as I go. This is my second year into my apprenticeship and I’m much more hands on now compared to my first year. In year one because I would have watched the other ones and only done a few jobs. I have a mentor, Miceal, who I work alongside and he’s great.


Q: Do you enjoy the work and working for the Port?

A: I do enjoy it. There’s a good variety of work, I’m kept busy and it’s not very repetitive which I like. I have friends who are on the same course working elsewhere. They are doing the same thing every day whereas I am gaining new experiences and constantly learning.


Q: Would you recommend an apprenticeship at Warrenpoint Port?

A: I definitely would, everyone here is friendly and they look after you well. It’s a great experience because of the amount of things I am doing. I’m really glad I did this apprenticeship. I had offers to go to university at the time but I’m happy I did the apprenticeship instead as I prefer a more hands-on approach.  I know that would not suit everyone but for me it is perfect.

Jack Campbell (left) Micheal White