Consultative Committee – Update

Further to the Port’s confirmation that we are progressing the Consultative Committee and based on feedback last night and today we would add the following

  1. We would encourage our Omeath neighbours to share their concerns with 1 or all of the 4 publicly elected officials that have been invited to this new stakeholder forum
  2. Given it is a Committee – in inviting publicly elected cross-party representation to attend – we neither favour nor exclude.
  3. The attending officials’ names will be confirmed all being well tomorrow – Weds the 22nd July.
  4. The first meeting on Friday 24th July will primarily be to clarify Terms of reference and roles as well as provide background enabling the Publicly elected representatives opportunity thereafter to garner further opinion and we expect this process to move swiftly.
  5. The rationale for the meeting as advised at the June 2020 AGM is to enable consideration for potentially – subject to overall perception – of softening the visual aspect of the C02 tanks. The currently EU required Inspection Centre post EU transition on the 1st Jan 2021 whilst still unconfirmed as required by GB or NI Govt may become part of that discussion as a means in itself to screen aspects of the Port.
  6. Health & Safety shall underpin all that the Port does and Nippon, the key operator in this project, embraces and shares that same commitment to Health & Safety with a world class record in these matters.